365 Days to Awesome: a Series

Once upon a time, I started and completed a personal challenge almost every single week. Or at least, that was my goal, and I was relatively good at it. But with moving twice last year, having two jobs, and generally being too busy to do anything, Seven Day Challenges fell to the wayside.

As such, I will be re-vamping my challenge format and goals. Each month, I plan on re-evaluating my challenges, creating new ones, and generally moving towards the goal of being More Awesome.

What is “More Awesome,” you ask?

More Awesome is that person you’ve always wanted to be. For me, it’s the person who has purpose and works towards their dream job every day. The person who is fashion-savvy, good at small talk, and fun to hang out with.The person who is so on top of their finances that they can save money, travel, and dance all the time. The person who does yoga, dances, runs, and eats healthy. The person who reads more books than should be possible considering his or her schedule. The person who knows all the classic dance routines (from the Big Apple to Thriller) and has a fantastic style of movement.

Is this starting to make sense? As redundant as it sounds, I want to be the person I’ve always wanted to be. I might even want to be the person who makes others say, “Man. That girl is awesome. Did you know that she ____?”

While this series does sound a little egotistical in theory, it’s really just a self-improvement challenge. One that I am especially excited about. Look forward to some year long challenges, as well as some challenges for the month of January, very soon.


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