Goals 2012

I’m already so excited about my goals for 2012. I think this is going to be a good year.


1. Complete the 365 Days to Awesome series. It’s a new thing. Don’t worry — you’ll hear more about it.
2. Write more — specifically, blog more. Also begin writing in a creative format again.
3. Read more than I did in 2011 (at least 22 books).
4. Work on my personal image — what I wear, how to apply make up, and how to do my hair. I know it sounds silly, but it’s something I’ve really enjoyed over the past year, and something I would love to define more.
5. Hang out with more people. Make new friendships, solidify old ones.


1. Learn to cook, and do it on a semi-regular basis. While most cooking can’t be done until I’m out of this apartment in July, I can do some things. And in July, this will be important!
2. Stay in shape — find an exercise routine I like, and stick to it.
3. Learn some yoga — maybe even find an affordable good yoga class? That would be nice.


1. Research, find, and apply to Grad Schools that I like. A timeline would be helpful for this.
2. Quit Banana Republic by March.
3. Keep an eye out for “Real Life” jobs that I would like and apply.


1. Pay off my BRC and get my Mastercard under half of it’s current balance. Pay off my computer.
2. Focus on over-paying the premium on my car so that I can get a better one which will last me forever. Or at least 10 years.
3. Stay on top of all my loans.
4. Find a place I would love to live that is affordable. Looking into roommates might be necessary, despite how much I love living by myself.


1. Back to the basics — of solo jazz movement. I want to work through a whole bunch of solo movement and really define different ways to do movements.
2. Compete at least five times this year — and more if possible!
3. Learn as many group routines as possible.
4. Start learning different types of dancing. I’m particularly interested in solo jazz movement, burlesque, and hip hop. Now I just need to find the classes.


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