January Goals

In the 365 Days to Awesome, I’m going to attempt to set and evaluate monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual goals. Or however often I feel, really. Some goals are personal challenges, and some will be meant to help meet my year’s goals. Here, I’ll list all the goals I am setting for myself this month, the time limit on those goals, and any stipulations / exceptions / methods for completion I’ve thought of so far.

1. No more Coca-Cola. Projected End Date: June 2012. I did a thirty day challenge last fall which I found to be challenging, rewarding, and healthy. So starting today, no more Coca-Cola. This promises to be particularly challenging at dance events, but that’s why I have tea, right?

2. Pay only by cash, and track all my spending. Projected End Date: Jan 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t end in December). I plan to use this information to create a budget for February, so that I might start using an envelope system for my expenses. I really want to get better at managing my money.

3. No buying Clothes. Projected End Date: June 2012. Speaking of managing my money, I will not be buying any clothing until July. This does not mean I cannot acquire new clothing, of course — clothes swaps are always viable options. And if necessary, I can always donate some of my clothes to Plato’s closet for a credit and obtain new clothing that way.

4. 20 Mins of Reading a Day, Minimum five days a week. Projected End Date: Jan 2013. This is an attempt to help decrease the amount of time I spend browsing the internet for no apparent reason, rather than reading or socializing or being generally productive (see? New Year’s Goal assistance!).

5. Manbattical. Projected End Date: April 2012. I have recently decided to 1) focus on myself, and 2) reevaluate what I want out of relationships. Part of this is so that I can really focus on finding a job I like and / or going to graduate school for a career I intend to pursue. The other part of this means eliminating useless relations with people I have no intent to pursue for a relationship. That doesn’t mean I’m looking for my “one true love.” It just means I want to be more decisive about who gets my attention and why. To achieve both goals, I am going to ignore boys for a little bit, no matter how hard it is (get it?).


There will be more specific goals as I get in the groove of things, including various one-time goals, week-long goals, and definable accomplishment goals. For now, I just wanted to get some of the big ones under way.

Right now I’m making a spreadsheet for expenses, as well as one to track the goals month by month (success, failure, specific moments…).

Most importantly, I am open to suggestions for goals and challenges; I am especially looking for qualities or habits which you like about yourself or which you would like to have. I want things that make a person more well-rounded, more interesting, or more competent. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I am so excited about starting this project. I’ve honestly been thinking it up for at least a month now. Whoo, beginnings!!


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