mid-january reminder: focus

I just wanted to give an update about my challenges for January, now that we are approximately halfway through the month.

1. No more Coca-Cola. This has been going okay — I have had exactly two cokes since the beginning of the year. The first was after Hot Jam at Fellini’s, and it was intentional — I really just wanted the sugar after a good night of dancing. The second was from a vending machine, and it was an accident — I pressed the button by habit, and didn’t have any more money to buy a water instead (and the tap water at work tastes like metal). But otherwise, I’ve been doing well.

I think the lack of Coke has done something really good for my skin — I usually suffer from a very red face, especially around the nose and cheeks. However, this past October during the first No-Coke challenge, I thought my face was clearing up again. Now it’s happening a second time, and I’m really excited — coincidence? I think not. If this turns out to be true, I will never drink Coke (on a regular basis) again.

2. Pay only in cash, and track my spending. This has been going well, except for the times I forget I only have $4 in my wallet and I have to buy lunch at work because I left the house late (like today). I’ve been pretty careful about tracking everything, and it’s been a little eye-opening. Hopefully next month, it will be easy to budget out!

3. No buying clothes. This has been incredibly hard — as soon as I made this resolution, BR rolled out an entirely new line of clothing. When I went into work, literally the whole store was different — and what wasn’t different was cheaper than when I’d left. It was like a candy store, but mom told me I couldn’t have ANY OF IT.

A couple weeks later, though, and I’m feeling really good about this decision. It’s actually taken a bit of pressure off at work — the need to buy something because “it’s SUCH a good deal,” or something along those lines.

4. 20 Mins of Reading a day, min 5 days a week. This has been going very well — I’ve already finished one book, and I’m about five pages from finishing a second (which will happen once this post has been published). Of course, I’m frequently reading more than 20 mins — this challenge is just meant to keep me from being distracted by all the shiny apps on my phone during break time.

5. Manbattical. This is hard to quantify how I’ve been doing. Have I flirted with boys? Probably — it’s hard to define the line between flirting and being friendly, sometimes. Have I kissed or gone on dates with any boys? No — I’ve been good there. But have I been asked or prompted for either of those things in the first place? Also a no. I am not actively pursuing any of the boys I was interested in before the new year, but it’s not like they are actively pursuing me and I am using my will-power to resist them.

I think, for the manbattical, I need to actively resist catty remarks about boys, as well. I think it will help me define and maintain my own personal boundaries.

As a side note, it is really hard not to at least daydream about boys. And while that’s not technically in the terms of the manbattical, I sometimes feel like I’m cheating the system a little bit…


My focus for the rest of January:

  1. Do not obey old habits to press the Coke button on the vending machine.
  2. Bring more cash with me.
  3. Resist catty remarks about boys, and focus on not flirting by habit / accident.

I won’t lie. I feel a little like the cat. Except, maybe there are too many targets to focus on?


2 thoughts on “mid-january reminder: focus

  1. The facial redness may a result of excessive caffeine intake, so don’t forget about other sources of caffeine like coffee and energy drinks. Best of luck with the challenges. I might start doing the same thing.

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