february goals — flowers, grad school, and art!

I won’t lie – January was a pretty boring month for goals. I only realized this halfway through the month, when I didn’t really have any updates to give. February is shaping up to be more interesting, however, and I’m really excited! There will be regular updates – you’ve been warned!

1. Flower-uary. That’s right, I’m participating this year, no matter how meager my supply of flowers is. Additionally, I am going to attempt to style my hair creatively a minimum of 5 days per week.

I am not sure how my new job will appreciate the display of (sometimes large) hair flowers every day. If I start receiving some strange comments, I will back off and a) wear flowers outside of my job, and b) do something creative with my hair regardless of whether a flower is included.

And since this is the first day of February, the first flower!

2. Research a minimum of one Graduate Program per week & post my findings. This is a kick in my butt to research graduate schools. I know it is a bit early – but if I keep postponing this, it will end up being a last-minute decision, and that is exactly what I wish to avoid.

3. Research and blog about the main artists at the Wentworth Gallery at Perimeter. This will 1) hold me accountable for learning about the artists we are displaying prominently at my new job, and 2) allow me to practice speaking about these artists both concisely and intelligently.

4. Bonus: Exercise? With the new job, I’m not sure how exercise will fit into my life. I am holding onto my library and accounting jobs as extra sources of income (and as a security blanket of sorts). As such, I am incredibly busy, and not able to exercise as I would like. But maybe I could start stretching on a regular basis at the very least? Any recommendations for a 20-30 min exercise or stretching routine that can be done in a limited amount of space (no running for now) would be greatly appreciated!

5. Dance Focus: Look at my Partner. This is a monthly theme I will be carrying out for the rest of 2012 – a focus for dancing each month. I find that attempting to focus on a different thing each week or each dance means that I rarely make improvement. I am hoping that focusing on a different technique or aesthetic each month will allow me to make more permanent improvements. Suggestions for themes are welcome!

Of course, I will be maintaining the following challenges until their completion:

1. No more Coca-Cola. (Projected end date: June 2012)
2. Pay only by cash, track my spending, and budget. (Projected end date: Jan 2013)
3. No buying clothes. (Projected end date: June 2012)
4. 20 mins of reading per day, minimum 5 days per week. (Projected end date: Jan 2013)
5. Manbattical. (Projected end date: April 2012)


I am a bit anxious about this month, as I lost a lot of my willpower towards the end of January. I’m hoping that the new set of challenges will help me recover my enthusiasm and motivation. I think the best way to tackle this month is to dive right in!


2 thoughts on “february goals — flowers, grad school, and art!

  1. I second bodyrock TV – I’ve done some of the exercises there in other workout routines. You definitely feel it as long as you go all out for the entirety since they’re pretty short.

    Here are a couple more ideas:
    1) http://www.simplefit.org/workout.html
    2) http://www.unit2fitness.com/blog/272-how-to-keep-fit-on-vacationhttp://www.unit2fitness.com/blog/272-how-to-keep-fit-on-vacation – the 2nd workout routine (I do dips, or pullups, instead of handstand pushup, since I can’t do them…yet…).

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