dopico-lerner: sensual beauty

Let me tell you about Dopico. He is the absolute most innovative artist we have right now; his work is absolutely stunning, wouldn’t you say? So much emotion!

I was not the biggest fan of this artist when I first walked in the gallery. But as I learned about him (biography at the bottom), I have learned to love him. Let me show you why.

First off, look at this piece.

Series Faces XXI

“A little dark,” you might say at first. In fact, they were the first words out of my mouth. But look beyond the dark lines, shadows, chaos, and emotion — what do you see?

I see the light. I see how the colors show through and even outshine all the chaotic swirls and lines. And in that, I see a little bit of the human condition. As if Dopico is showing that through all the chaos and darkness and trouble in the world, we are all still human.

The beauty of Dopico’s work is not conventional. It is sensual. The bottom line is that his work elicits emotion. Even if you hate it.

I absolutely love the multiplicity of faces that you find in Dopico’s work. This doesn’t mean the literal depiction of many faces, as you find in many of his works; instead, it refers to the many different moods a single piece can elicit. This means it can go in any room, with any color scheme. And honest to goodness, the mood of the piece changes with the light — no, really. Come and see me in the gallery and I will show you.

The beauty in his pieces do not originate in darkness, but in the way that color and light shine through and overcome the darkness.

And as I learned that, I learned to love Dopico more than I expected. Well, at the very least, I have learned to sell his art.

Narciso Frente al Espejo

If you are interested in learning more about Dopico or in seeing his art in person, you should send me a message! His work is so much more stunning in person — it has so much texture and depth that you could stare at a piece for ages and see something new every second.


And if you’re curious, some basic information about Dopico:

Vicente Dopico-Lerner is originally from Cuba, and now lives in Miami. He is around 70 years old. He works mostly with acrylic on canvas or watercolor and mixed media. His two greatest influences were Francis Bacon (the painter, not the writer) and Jackson Pollock.  He is heavily influenced by his home country, which has a very turbulent history. Additionally, you see a lot of fish in his paintings, almost as an homage to his father, who was a fisherman. He has had art in the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo and various other major art galleries around the world.

For the record, you do not find most of this information on his Wikipedia page or even in his book. In fact, Wikipedia even spells his name wrong. So be relieved you haven’t had to scrounge up this information yourself.


Side note – I sold a painting for the first time today! Not a Dopico, which would have been nice, but a Mouly. Regardless, it was a very exciting experience.


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