the petite picasso: alexandra nechita

If you’ve been paying attention over the last ten or fifteen years, then you’ve probably heard about Alexandra Nechita, the child prodigy also known as the “Petite Picasso.” She began drawing at the age of two; she was painting with oils and acrylics at the age of seven; and she had her first art show at the age of eight.

Her art is characterized by the abstract shapes of people, bold colors, and subtle texture. Her figures clearly resemble something out of Picasso’s head, though she began her unique style before she’d even heard of the famous art master. A study of her works invites us into her imagination: a place of color, light, and happiness.

quiet karma, alexandra nechita, petite picasso, abstract expressionism, paintings

"Quiet Karma"

Now 26, Nechita has achieved a great amount of infamy in her short life. Her pieces are owned by celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton. Additionally, she has been the official artist for the United Nations Peace Conference, the Special Olympics, and the Grammy Awards.  More recently, she has marked two major milestones most artists never achieve: she had a painting accepted into theVatican, and she sold an original for one million dollars.

I cannot imagine a life without fantasy and faith in the impossible. It saddens me to know that people with ethereal and whimsical perceptions of the world are often seen as aimlessly chasing rainbows: the hopeless romantic you find in movies. I have found that one of the universal keys to maintaining happiness and peace in my life lies in nurturing the pat of my spirit that still believes that anything can happen.

     – Alexandra Nechita

a new tomorrow, alexandra nechita, petite picasso, abstract expressionism, paintings, art

"A New Tomorrow"

As they come through our gallery, many people ask what makes this artist so special, and I believe it is her uninhibited expression of emotion. As someone who has been painting since such a young age, she has been able to maintain a connection to the imagination of a child, while expressing her ideas with the skill and sophistication of an adult.

blind date, alexandra nechita, abstract expressionism, surrealism, art, paintings

"Blind Date"

embrace growing up, alexandra nechita, art, painting, abstract expressionism

"Growing Up"

For more information on Nechita’s upcoming show, feel free to email me or leave a comment.


One thought on “the petite picasso: alexandra nechita

  1. I can see why they call her the Little Picasso, but to me, her a little more fluid than Picasso’s was. Picasso’s style by comparison seems a lot more bound by rigid geometrical shapes and patterns (at least the works I’ve seen), but her works seem to incorporate significantly more curves. I wonder if their stylistic differences have anything to either their gender differences, age differences, or both.

    Based on my subjective interpretation of her work, I’m a little inclined to call her work neo-Cubisim (IDK if it really exists but that’s what I’m sticking with).

    In any case, thanks for sharing. I’ve enjoyed learning about her and her work.

    “A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.” – Wesley Ruggles

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