february financial analysis (I swear it’s short)

Well, my goal to spend less money has failed. Spectacularly. Well, not technically –technically, I spent more in January. However, January included multiple unique expenses for which I did not budget in February. And I most definitely fell outside my budget.

Lesson learned: I should still budget for one-time, unique, and semi-regular expenses. Like doctor’s appointments and oil changes in particular. In fact, those two expenses add up to exactly the amount I am over this month, give or take.

The areas I was under? Dance and Groceries. Though I would much rather have been over in groceries than under — which would indicate healthier, more affordable meals.

The areas I was over? Other Foods (other known as restaurants and snacks), Gas (not by much), and Household (which includes my oil change). The Doctor’s appointment is the item listed as “One Time.”

I would like to point out that I did record nearly every single expense I made this past month — actually, I only missed one, and for that I made a guess. I did not, however, use only cash. I’m going to work on that a little more this month, though…

I plan on Rocking Out this upcoming month. As soon as I find some motivation. (The end of the month is just so hard…)


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