february goals: shaky footing

The goals for February were a little more taxing than the ones for January — but regardless, I don’t think that’s an excuse for some of the challenges I had.

1. Floweruary – I wore a flower 25/29 days in February, making Floweruary a success! Granted, I did not take pictures of most of these flowers…but I promise it happened. The funny thing is that I started my new job just as Floweruary started — I wonder if my boss will notice the sudden lack of decoration?

2. Research about Grad School Programs – This only happened once, and for that, I am disappointed. I will be revisiting this challenge in March.

3. Research about Gallery Artists – This only happened twice, but I felt both went really well. As the challenge was meant to help me learn about artists, I don’t think I will revisit this challenge, despite my lack of success — but I will continue to blog about artists we’re featuring in the Gallery.

4. Exercise (Bonus) – I was on a good roll for about a week and a half (yay!)…and then I stopped entirely (well, itwasa bonus goal). I will be visiting this as a formal challenge this month.

5. Dance Focus: Look at Partner – This is hard to quantify, but I am more cognizant about looking in a specific direction while doing variations, rather than at my feet. More importantly, I’m keeping a better eye on my dance partner. Still, I don’t feel like I accomplished much…

6. No more Coca-Cola – I was successful 25/29 days as well! Three out of four slip-ups are due to extreme exhaustion (two of which were while driving). The last was a moment of weakness and a treat to myself. But other than that, I’ve been doing extremely well.

7. Pay only by Cash, Track Spending – I am half rocking out this challenge. I’ve been tracking my spending really well, but I have not been paying by cash. I really think that paying by cash would reduce my miscellaneous and “other food” expenses, though, so I plan on redoubling my efforts this month.

8. No more Buying Clothes – I am rocking out this challenge. The end. Though, I really wish I could go shop the new BR Madmen Collection…

9. 20 mins/reading, 5 days/wk – I am rocking out this challenge as well. The end.

10. Manbattical – I considered abandoning the challenge early, but I am actually doing really well. I’ve achieved a little bit of clarity and distance from the male sex. I will hopefully be gathering my thoughts on this at some point relatively soon.


So that’s it. Two challenges this month were near complete flops (grad schools and gallery artists). And one failed completely (exercising), and that’s sad, even though it was a bonus challenge. While I technically did well on my dance focus, I don’t feel like I accomplished much.

In need of improvement? Paying by Cash, and not drinking Coke. No matter what. Also, I could have made more effort on my Dance Focus.

The big successes? Reading, no clothes, and Floweruary.

I will post about my March Goals…tomorrow. Until then!


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