march goals: scaling back

I think one of my biggest issues with these monthly challenges right now is that I feel a little overwhelmed. Sure, I have some of the bigger challenges under control, like not drinking coke or buying clothes. But I get frustrated with some of the short-term challenges. As such, I’m scaling back a little so I can push myself harder on one or two challenges, rather than spreading myself thin.

So, the goals:

1. Research Grad Schools. I’m aiming to research another four grad schools this month. And I mean actually research them, rather than say I’ll do it and completely forget. And to hold myself to this standard, I will be posting about the Grad School of the Week each Tuesday night.

2. Exercise Regimen. This is hard, because I don’t generally exercise, which makes coming up with a plan…challenging at best. To add to the difficulty, I have two jobs which mean I go to work either between 9-10am or 12pm. I am more likely to succeed when I have a schedule, so here’s my idea:

Tues, Thurs, and Sat: If work begins in the morning, I will do sit ups, crunches, and planks. If work begins at noon, I will get up an hour early and go running.

If I manage to swing a day completely off, no matter what day it falls on, I will run in the morning (before 11am) and do sit ups, crunches, and planks in the evening.

3. Dance Focus: Always keep my elbow in sight. For whatever reason, I have always been bad at this. Thus, I’m going to work on it. The biggest difficulty here is that I am limited to practicing this when the lead chooses to lead a turn which potentially compromises the location of my elbow; in other words, I cannot choose to practice without anticipating the move (i.e., going up to a guy and asking him to lead a particular move does not necessarily help train my reaction). As such, I may not improve on this as much as I would want. Now if only I can get guys to read this and plan on secretly plan on testing me on the dance floor so that I am extra challenged this month… (hint, hint).

And now, the on-going challenges.
4. No more Coca-Cola. Going strong, and not wavering. Cokes after Hot Jam at Fellini’s are still allowed.
5. Pay only by cash, track spending. I have downloaded a new app which will help me track spending (yay!); however, there will be a few minor changes. In the past, I have kept an excel spreadsheet of each purchase, including the date, the amount, the location of the purchase, and the category in which it falls. Due to the nature of the app, I will not be tracking the location of the purchase; however, to compensate, I plan on keeping and filing my receipts. Now I just need to go to Wally-World to get a file folder system.
6. No more Buying Clothes. Still going strong. Soon, though, I will be using some BR rewards I earned in the past to update my wardrobe slightly (without spending my own money). This has been agreed as fair by the supreme council of my monthly challenges, otherwise known as my mom.
7. 20 Mins of Reading per Day, 5 days per week. Still going strong! Love this part of the challenge…
8. Manbattical. I want to update the masses on my thoughts about this manbattical — they have definitely been getting a little easier to understand. Plan on news by the middle of March.
The End. Wish me luck!!

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