march goal analysis

So clearly, I have some places in which I regularly struggle. Regardless, I am seeing significant improvement in my ability to follow through with a goal, and that’s exciting.

1. Research Grad Schools. Clearly, I have some follow through issues in this area. Mostly, I just don’t like researching — a sentiment which is probably left over from a distaste for homework. However, I have found a school which is a very good candidate for application, and I will be posting about that in the next few days.

2. Exercise Regimen. I did not follow this exercise regimen; it is no surprise that getting up in the mornings proved a little more difficult than I wanted. However, as I recently posted, I do actually like running now, and I ran twelve miles in March. I plan on running as much as I can in the evenings, with more specific goals to be noted in my goals for April.

3. Dance Focus: Always keep my elbow in sight. This was hard to practice because it was impossible to engineer a situation for practice, as practice of this skill cannot be pre-meditated. However, I did think of it every night, and I think I did pretty well.

4. No more Coca-Cola. Going strong. This was the hardest month, though! Part of the problem was ATLX and Cumberland Shuffle, during which I allowed one coke a day to keep me awake and functioning (I still don’t like tea or coffee, or I would have searched for caffeine elsewhere).

5. Pay only by Cash, Track spending. I have officially decided to ditch the pay by cash part of this challenge. However,  tracking my expenses has become progressively easier using Toshl, and I will stick to this.

6. No more Buying Clothes. Still going strong, though it is SO HARD not to buy anything. I was completely not excited by my wardrobe at Cumberland Shuffle. I think it is time to break out my remaining Banana Republic rewards vouchers for a little pick-me-up. Mostly, I’m looking for a new skirt for work, as I’ve worn the same four or five almost every day since I started.

7. 20 Mins of Reading per Day, 5 days per week. I have slacked off on this the last two weeks or so. I plan on picking it back up starting this week.

8. Manbattical. Well, it’s over. Thank goodness. No, I did not go out and immediately kiss every boy I saw, no matter how badly I wanted a good ol’ smackeroo. I’m not sure this was a success, though, and that frustrates me. I plan on putting down some thoughts on this later this month.


BONUS: I styled hair! At Cumberland Shuffle, I styled the hair of two lovely ladies, Eva and Emma. I even learned how to make a mohawk on both long and short hair! I’ve never worked with super short or super curly hair before, so it was fun to expand my horizons. I’ve always kind of wanted a mohawk…and now I can make one anytime I want!

Styling the mohawk I wore on Sunday! It's so much fun to wear! This was after being at the park all day, so it's a little flat, but it was still fantastic!


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