april goals: you mean I’m still doing this…?

All right, how many of you expected me to have given up by now? (Honestly, I did…) No such luck! I am officially a quarter of the way through the year (has time really gone that quickly?), and I am excited about April. I’ve been doing these focus-months long enough now to be more aware of what I can and cannot accomplish. I want to focus on completing challenges where I know I will be at risk of slacking off; this means I need a better spreadsheet to keep track of things which I don’t necessarily do every day. I wish there was an app for these challenges…

New Challenges

1. Learn the Tranky Doo. I am already partway through this challenge, but I want to make sure I don’t slack off. I need to be able to dance the Tranky Doo without someone standing in front of me and reminding me how the phrases link together. This Saturday I will be working with some lovely ladies on this dance; then I plan on practicing it at least twice a week on my own (meaning aside from Hot Jam) for the rest of the month.

2. Work on solo movement twice a week. Along with doing the Tranky Doo, twice a week, I’d like to work on my solo movement at the same time. The biggest challenge here will be actually finding the time and space to do this. For this challenge, solo dancing a minimum of three songs at Hot Jam will count as one practice session. I run the risk of slacking off on this challenge, so if you see me at Hot Jam, please ask how it’s going!!

3. Keep my apartment clean. I am terrible about slacking off on cleaning, since I am the only person who sees my apartment on a regular basis. This needs to change. I plan on deep-cleaning on Sunday and maintaining that cleanliness for the rest of the week. This challenge obviously runs the risk of being pushed to the wayside, but I’m going to do my best to keep it up.

4. Take a photo with my iPhone every day. For the rest of the month, at least, since I didn’t decide on this challenge until a couple days ago. These photos will be uploaded via Instagram to Facebook.

5. Run! Work up to two miles on a regular basis, and start working myself down to an 8:30 mile. I would like to run at least three times every week, though I realize my work schedule may not permit this.

Continuing Challenges

6. No more Coca-Cola. I would also like to cut out my desire for Coke at dance events — so if you see me with a Coke in hand at Hop Shop, feel free to slap it out of my hands and pour it on the ground in front of me, no matter how sad or angry I appear.

7. Track spending using Toshl. The goal here is to pull down my snacks and restaurant spending even further, and to avoid unnecessary miscellaneous expenses. I have, however, made my misc expenses budget bigger, as you never know when some ass-hat with gazelle legs will take off with your iPhone.

8. No more buying clothes. I am halfway through with this challenge, and stupidly excited about that. I might break down and use my rewards to get some pick-me-up items at Banana Republic or Gap — which is allowed, since I will not actually be spending money for this purchase. I just need something to be excited about again — a skirt for work, or a good flouncy dress for dancing. I can’t decide.

9. 20 mins of reading per day, 5 days per week. I would like to get back on track with this goal, which slipped a little bit this month. Any recommendations for good books?


One thought on “april goals: you mean I’m still doing this…?

  1. I recommend, for #9, going through the ultimate book list of yours (that I check out a few months ago). You have some of my favorites on there!
    Glad to hear the challenges are still a go. I will try to remember to check back in a few weeks and view all of your pictures!

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