april challenges: consistency is only a virtue if…

In some ways, these challenges are getting easier; in others, they are getting more challenging. What’s clear is that I’m not seeing consistent success, which is frustrating. I’m almost halfway through the year, and I’d really like to get it at least 95% right before then.  At a certain point, it’s on me. Actually, it’s been on me the entire time. What I’m saying is, I expect me to do better.

Regardless, a recap of the goals for the past month:


I Learned the Tranky Doo –I worked with my lovely ladies Claire and Emma on learning the Tranky Doo, and then we practiced every Hot Jam, Graveyard Tavern, and miscellaneous dance that we could. The Tranky Doo is fast becoming one of my favorite choreographies in a similar way to my love for the Big Apple: there’s something about performing a big dance with a crowd of people which is absolutely intoxicating.

Track Spending – This challenge has been going great, especially since Toshl had a recent update for their app.*

Reading – I’ve been reading a lot, but it hasn’t all been books. As such, I’m going to refocus on reading books, and hope

I got it mostly right:

Work on Solo Movement – Moderate success. I am solo-dancing almost every single chance I get at social dances. I’ve also learned the Tranky Doo, and I took a solo movement class by Evita while she was here. However, I have not scheduled any regular practice time for myself, which would definitely help.

iPhone Photo – This challenge went really well for the first half the month, but became harder the second half, when I was often too distracted to take a photo. However, I am more used to pulling my phone out at fun moments to snap a picture, which was actually the intention. And I did end up with some great photos as a result!

No more Buying Clothes – For the first time since I started this challenge, I caved. The short story is that I’ve been looking for a similar dress for about five months now, and when I saw it, I caved. Considering it cost about $20, it’s adorable, and I’m going to use it for dance competitions, I feel like this was a worthwhile purchase.  Oh, and I got matching bloomers with lace, so I’m super happy.

I really could have tried harder:

Keep Apartment Clean – I did not quite succeed at this challenge. However, I did do a deep clean, which has been necessary for a couple weeks now, and I plan on keeping it cleaner from here on out.

Run – I really wish I’d done better on this challenge this month. Getting a kidney infection the second week, though, severely limited my abilities. Once I was finally back on my feet, it warmed up to absurd temperatures. Now I have to either find a good gym and run inside in the AC, or I need to run in the heat and humidity. Any suggestions?

No more Coca-Cola – There was a bit of backsliding on this challenge this month, especially towards the end. I’m buckling down again, no matter how badly I crave a coke when I see a vending machine.

Look forward to an update tomorrow about this month’s goals!


*Toshl updated! Now you can keep track of your income as well as your expenses! With the new update, I decided to buy yearly access to the app, since with free access you can only add income once a month, which is unrealistic. I feel like I have a much better method for keeping track of my income and expenses now, and I’m really excited. More about how I did on spending during April later this week!


One thought on “april challenges: consistency is only a virtue if…

  1. If you learn to run outside in the heat and humidity (best to start with running after the sun has gone down, if you have a safe place to do so), you’ll find that you eventually get used to it, and then when the weather cools down a bit, your times and endurance and everything will freaking SKYROCKET and you’ll feel like a rockstar. I actually found that I came to like running in the heat and humidity, even though it gets disgusting. I still haven’t been able to get used to running in the freezing cold, though; give me sweaty and heavy air any day.

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