“i think you need to learn to slack off better.”

This is a quote from a coworker at the Library. While he meant it (in jest) in reference to all the grueling work we do shelving books — and trust me, at the end of the semester, we receive hundreds of books to shelve on an hourly basis — I couldn’t help think of this blog. Sometimes, I feel like I’m achieving a lot; other times, I feel like I’m a bit of a slacker. Or, at the very least, I’m aware that I don’t always have the best follow-through.

This month, like I said, we’re going for consistency. Granted, I had an absolutely terrible day today, which means I’ve already slipped a little and had a coke. But that’s it – no more. So, without further ado, the goals for this month:

Run twice a week: Minimum. I’m hopefully going running Saturday, and then maybe Sunday as well for this week. I will get back into the habit, despite the heat and humidity.

Drink 3 cups of water per day: This is really just a health thing. Water should be my go-to drink, but it’s not. I will start bringing a water bottle to work, and water will be my go-to drink at restaurants.

Keep Apartment Clean: Pick up after myself, with a deep clean every Sunday. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Update Blog twice a week: I’m aiming for Tuesdays and either Thursdays or Fridays. I’ve even created a spiffy little calendar to help! Even if it’s just a few words on how the challenges are going, look forward to more regular posts.

Dance Focus: Use my upper body: This topic comes from a recent private lesson with Evita Arce. In fact, I learned many things from her. I’ll also be working on my triple steps in the coming months, as well as various aspects of my 1&2 and my 3&4. She broke me, and I love it – I have so much to work on!


On-Going Challenges

No More Coca-Cola – Like I said, I had a particularly rough day and I caved (trust me; my car is having some expensive issues*). This means I’ve already had my middle-of-a-crisis-and-stressed coke; since we’ve gotten that over with, the rest of the month should be a breeze!

Track Spending – I’m still great at this! And I’m still in love with the Toshl app on my iPhone. Since I now have four months of spending history, I’m trying to be much more realistic about my budgets (i.e., increasing my miscellaneous budget – though even an increase there won’t cover my new car bill!).

No More Buying Clothes – I don’t anticipate any problems with this for May.

Twenty Minutes of Reading per Day, Five Days per week – I have been reading a lot, but this month there weren’t a lot of books, which is what I originally intended for this challenge. I’m going to refocus on some novels and keep chugging away. I’m excited. Any book suggestions out there?


*Side note, and a window into the world of expensive car issues.

See that shiny thing in the very middle? The bolt? It’s the tension bolt for the steering belt (you know, that thing which is essential to power steering and all). That bolt has now broken in half, and the shaft of the bolt is lodged inside the engine. To fix the car, the engine must be taken out and the bolt must be drilled out of the engine and replaced. Until then, my car is an incredibly expensive (and immobile) radio / air conditioning unit.

The crazy thing? This isn’t uncommon in Toyota Corollas. In fact, the tension bolt is expected to crack and weaken after only three years with regular driving — and my car is six years old.

I wish I had remembered the Curse of the Cleaning Challenge before I picked my challenges last month…but I refuse to let it affect me this month. I refuse to be superstitious. But just in case: if I have a wreck by the end of the month and manage to survive, remind me to never clean my apartment on a regular basis for the rest of my life. I’d rather avoid mopping my floor if it reduces my car bills…


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