things I love about Philly:

In no particular order, except 3 and 12 are my favorites:

1. The public transportation. I’ve been on my own about half the days, but it’s still been easy to get around. It’s amazing.

2. The grid system makes so much sense! I know it’s obvious, but it’s been stupidly helpful in getting myself around. Numbers go North-South, and trees go East-West. Piece of cake.

3. Speaking of the trees after which the E-W streets have been named: did you know that they are arranged in order of wood density (from highest to lowest, north to south)? It is the nerdiest, most entertaining fact…ever. And it makes Philly that much more awesome in my book.

4. Nooks and crannies — they’re every where! Little gardens, alleyways and parks. Little restaurants and art displays and backyards. It’s adorable, and I love finding them.

5. The murals across the backs of buildings are just stunning.

6. The architecture is also incredible — I love all the old buildings! And some of it is just so colorful!!

7. Rittenhop was a great little dance! It was small, friendly, and you could clearly see the public excitement it generated. And the weather was gorgeous!

8. Girl’s afternoon in Philly after Rittenhop: sexy-panty shopping, gellatto, and a fantastic consignment shop (new jeans!). Amazing.

9. I went to the first blues house party I’ve ever enjoyed (sorry Atlanta — never really enjoyed your house parties). Not a single person led a body roll — I think its just not part of the culture of dancing in Philly. I would go as far to say that this blues party actually made me remember why I used to love blues dancing. So thanks, Philly, for being awesome.

10. Reading Terminal Market was incredible — all the smells, sights, and tastes you could ever want. And it’s so delicious…

11. This:

“We’d love to see you naked, but…”

12. I have been hanging out with some amazing people — most notably Beth, Stuart, Albert, Truc-Lan, and Cari (name sister!). You guys all make me laugh. And of course, a special thanks to Beth for putting me up for the weekend and showing me awesome places, whenever I’ve been around.


As soon as I get back to Atlanta and have some time, I’ll get up to date on my posts for this month (old goals, new goals, and money goals). This week has just been a fantastic break from reality — I didn’t know how much I neeeded it, honestly. So thank you, Philly, for giving me a little bit of sanity.


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