may: two major goals have finished!

Two of the biggest goals I set for myself this year have finished.

1. No more Coke.

Wow. Five months. It wasn’t perfect — I still allowed myself a coke at Fellini’s every Monday after Hot Jam, and I caved on occasion. But for someone who used to drink 3-4 cokes a day, I find this change incredibly satisfying. And while I don’t plan on regretting any cokes in the future, I don’t plan on drinking them any more regularly, either. I am happy to be just a little bit healthier.

2. No buying clothes.

This was so much harder than it should have been — but it’s done. I celebrated at a consignment shop with a “new” pair of flare jeans (of which I’ve been daydreaming for about two months now) and a cute new floral dress. The two together cost under $30. And then I resisted buying clothing from H&M, despite the end to the challenge — my willpower is stronger, and my wallet is not lighter.

I did not buy this dress from H&M. But it was a close call — I mean, look at that color and cut. Or, you know, look at my clavicles.

Other challenges that I worked on this month:

3. Run twice a week.

I did not run twice a week (the last week was a little hectic), but I did run a total of 11.05 miles this month, where my fastest mile was 8:28 min/mil (don’t worry — that quick time was an abnormality! I average at 9:30 a mile). I also participated in a significant amount of AcroYoga this month, and I’ve started working out my core on a nightly basis. It’s time I knew the meaning of the word “fitness.”

I have already run 5 miles this month — so we’re off to a good start!

4. Drink 3 glasses of water a day.

This is hard to measure specifically because I move so much during the day. I tend to lose my water bottle when I carry it while shelving books (we’re two down this month), so I try to take advantage of the water fountains — but how do you measure a glass with your mouth? (That statement is dirtier than I expected it to be.) I need a better method for this. Or a job which allows me to put a glass on the desk next to me.

5. Keep Apartment Clean — one deep-clean day a week.

I succeeded 3/4 weeks in Map. My room is a wreck since I just got back from Philadelphia, but I plan on deep cleaning again this Saturday or Sunday. So I’d say there was moderate success here.

6. Update Blog 2x per week.

Well, I got five posts in, which means I succeeded two weeks out of four this month. I’ll work on this, but it’s not going to be a challenge for June.

7. Track Spending.

I rock at this. However, Toshl hasn’t been working the last week or so? I’m still recording all my expenses in a note, but I’m ready to have my handy-dandy one-eyed money monsters working again!

8. Twenty minutes of reading per day, at least five days per week.

I rock at this goal. Mostly, I love public transportation. This month I finished two particularly good books (among others), and I highly recommend them both. Look up Dreams of Joy by Lisa See if you’re looking for something deep and emotional (of course, you should read her first book of the series, Shanghai Girls, if you want it to make more sense). Look for Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton if you want something easy, action-packed, and cleanly written.


Look out, June. I plan on kicking your ass. This is the halfway-mark, after all!!


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