june recap — i sound like a broken record.

The second half of this month has been a little tougher than most, for various reasons. Though I have enjoyed the life of the reasonably employed (I’ve only had one job for the last month and a half), it is high time for me to either become 1) better employed (making enough money to only work one job) or 2) once again, over-employed (working two jobs to make sure ends meet). So if you know of any job openings for a young woman with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Science and Creative Writing, as well as experience working in Libraries, in major retail stores (high and low end), or as an editor for any form or purpose…well, you’re always welcome to give me a lead! I also babysit, teach dance, and can flip a dime on my wrist…

That being said, I had a really good month with my Challenges.

Running – I ran a total of 11.34 miles this month, despite shin splints for the middle two weeks. I ran a total of seven times, though that was not spread evenly through the month. Regardless, I’m proud of myself, and I’m planning on a run today!

Clean Apartment – I was able to keep to my cleaning schedule, and though my apartment is a mess right now, it will not be by the end of the day. Scout’s honor.

Minimize time on Computer – up until this past week, I’ve done quite well on this challenge. In a combination of spending time with friends and reading, I really reduced the amount of time I spent in front of the screen. I am considering a facebook sabbatical soon – I find myself enjoying time away from the social mega-site, and I think a bit of time away will do well for my happiness. Even if it means finding out about the multitude of pregnancies and engagements occurring a bit later than the rest of the world.

Dance Focus: Triple Steps – I can’t say for sure that I’ve made any progress, but I’ve been working on it. I need to find a better way to practice.

Read 20 mins/day – Successes all around the board. Though this one is pretty easy to rock out on, what with my daily bus commute to work. Love that.

Concerning the major challenges I finally finished last month, I have a few updates: I have not started buying every article of clothing that I see, despite the extreme urge to finally update my wardrobe, which has been stagnant for six months now. I do own a new pair of flares and a new dress, but that’s about it. And I’m quite proud of that fact.

On the other hand, I have had a few cokes, mostly in the morning when I’m trying to wake up for work. Never more than one a day, though, which I’m proud of. I’m still keeping track of when I drink so as to dissuade myself from drinking coke as frequently as I once did.


My month’s goals will be updated sometime this week. Expect a lot of the similar, but look for something new and, hopefully, significantly more exciting. After all, it is my birthday this month, and I hope to celebrate by doing something worthwhile with my time!

In other news, it is my family reunion this week — and unlike most people, I wholeheartedly look forward to hanging out with all the friends, family, and unknown persons who will be showing up! If you’re lucky, I’ll even share some photos!


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