my family’s more badass than your family

I have been MIA from the internet (and my phone, and dancing, and the real world) for the first part of this week due to one very important, very fantastic event: Palooza.

Palooza is our version of the classic Family Reunion. And it has a lot of similar themes to your classic Family Reunion: we all get together, hang out, and do activities. This year, we went pontoon boating on Lake Jocassee; we went hiking to Brasstown Falls; we set off a metric shitton of fireworks. The list goes on.

On the other hand, Palooza has a great many aspects which are completely different from your classic Family Reunion. First, we invite a whole bunch of people who aren’t family, because the more crazy people we have, the more interesting things get. Second, what happens at Palooza, stays at Palooza (of course, this means I can’t tell you any of the more lurid details — but you get the idea). And in that sense, it can actually be a bit reminiscent of Vegas: lots of playing cards, lots of drinking, lots of being rowdy (and sometimes crass). We go night-time swimming (or skinny-dipping, if you’re more adventurous), and we’ve even been known to pull pranks on the locals.

So when my family reunion rolls around every Fourth of July, I get off work, I cancel all dancing (shocker, I know), I go missing. I disappear into the mountains to strengthen family bonds, laugh a whole lot, and maybe even loosen my morals a bit.

I love my family. They keep me human.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog posts. Well, you know, as regular as they get. Things to look forward to:

  • Financial analysis
  • New goals for the New Month (well, the 2/3rds that are left)
  • A series of Photos: “Interesting Book Covers” (all from the Library!)

In the meantime, does anyone have any good self-improvement challenges to work on? I don’t know if I can start them this month, but I am having trouble thinking of new ideas.


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