simple goals

so some simple goals:

  1. Find something I really want to work on for August — something that’s challenging, and maybe inspiring. Suggestions are welcome.
  2. Try to go running three times per week, with at least 1.5 miles each time.
  3. Maintain all the things I’ve been really good on recently: cleaning my room, reducing my spending at restaurants and on snacks*, minimizing my time on the computer*, and reading as much as I can.
  4. Keep the purchasing of clothes and coca-colas to a minimum. Maybe I need to take up the mantra that I will only drink coke when one is offered to me?

I think that’s as straightforward as I can get. Find something new and interesting, and maintain all the good things I’ve been doing.


*Both of these goals (reducing money spent on food which isn’t groceries, as well as minimizing my time on the computer) have been made significantly easier due to a boy with whom I am spending a decent amount of time. He cooks almost half my meals lately, and encourages an active life without computers or television. We’ll see how it goes, but he’s certainly helping me keep my goals!


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