back burners and boys

You know that thing about new relationships? They’re all shiny, and new, and awesome – and they relegate so much of your miscellaneous life to the back burner. I still find completing my challenges incredibly important and fulfilling; I just have less time to write, and less time to update. Of course, this is also good: after all, one of my personal goals is to spend less time on the computer, and I am managing to accomplish just that. Still, bear with me; I’m working on finding a balance.

First off, a quick word on how my challenges have gone this month (since, after all, it’s nearly over):

  1. I am solidifying my ideas about what I want to work on for August. So far, we have running, pull-ups, and emailing professors. We’re working it out.
  2. Well, I’ve mostly failed at running three times per week. Actually, this has been my worst month so far. It’s not that I haven’t tried – in fact, I had two crappy runs in crappy shoes because I just wanted to go out, even though I didn’t have the right shoes with me. Various excuses: people want to hang out last minute; I don’t feel entirely safe running alone in this boy’s neighborhood; it’s blazingly hot out there; etc. You get the idea.

    I miss running.

  3. The room has been mostly clean, the spending on snacks and restaurants is being slowly and steadily reduced, the time on the computer has been seriously reduced (obviously…hahah), and the reading has been great.
  4. This month, I did spend a little bit for my birthday (birthday money only, I swear!), and I did buy new sunglasses (which are gorgeous). Also, my favorite pair of jeans (and only pair of skinnies) wore through in the seat, so I had to replace those. But while I love all my new clothes, I am still uncomfortable with all the money I spent…

Also, don’t ask me about cokes. I’ve sucked at sticking to that on a day-to-day basis – but I’m still drinking only one a day, if I do drink one, and I’m drinking so much water. It’s delicious.

Miscellaneous updates:

I have found a place to live for the next year. It includes: sane roommates, two sweet dogs, low rent, and a kitchen. It excludes: an awkward landlord, a crazy and ugly yip-yip dog, and a vague sense of intrusion into someone else’s life. Did I mention that I’ll have a kitchen? What should I cook first?! Accepting recipe suggestions immediately.

I recently finished Lamb by Christopher Moore, which might be one of the most hilarious books I’ve read in my life. Look into it. Now.

Finally, I’m figuring out a blogging schedule for August. That’s right, schedule. As in, regular and planned. Be prepared.


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