august goals

Weekly / Daily Goals

  1. Run 2x/week – I probably should have been successful at running two times in a week before I tried upping the number of times I ran each week. Thus, we are back down to two times per week. Eventually, I’ll permanently run more often – we just have to work up to it first.
  2. 100 push-up challenge– this is to build upper body strength. I don’t necessarily have the goal of being able to do 100 push-ups…but I want to be able to do more than the average person, at the very least. So four should be a good goal, right? (Just kidding – I want to do as many as I can.)
  3. Read 20mins/day – I am working on Catch-22 right now; my list also includes The Happiness Project, The Power and the Glory, and various books which are on my night stand.
  4. Minimize $$ spent at Restaurants – I almost succeeded this month at going under budget – meaning, I haven’t changed my budget since I started this whole ‘budgeting’ challenge, but I’ve consistently had trouble being under budget when it comes to restaurants. I’m working on it, and I think I’ve come close to figuring it out…
  5. Blog. On schedule, even. There’s a schedule. It’s Sunday-Wednesday-Friday. I even have all my posts for this month planned out. It’s going to be awesome.

One-time Goals

  1. Email Professors – I’m shooting for emailing two professors by the end of this week, just to get the ball rolling. Once that’s done, I’ll be emailing a bunch more.
  2. Pack and clean apartment – This should be self-explanatory. I’m moving. I need to pack. I’d rather not go crazy at the last minute. Thus, I will be packing the less-than-necessary items in the weekends before.
  3. Downsize my life – This means getting rid of a lot of stuff. I’m focusing on getting rid of clothes, knickknacks, and items I don’t use any longer (does anyone need a printer/scanner? It’s slow, but it works well and it comes with ink!). My logic is going to be that if I can pack it in a less-than-necessary box (see above), do I really need it?

I think August will be more successful than July – but that won’t be hard, since I barely did anything for this entire past month. I feel so embarrassed about how little I tried, actually. Admittedly, I ran more than I thought – about 10.72 miles – but I know I could do better. Now if only my shins would stop hurting (again)…


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