the dinos among us: best photo app ever

While I love my iPhone, I’ve never been particularly excited about the apps. When I search through friends’ smart phones, it actually amazes me how many apps people download – do you really use that many apps? I sure as hell don’t. And if I’m not going to use it? I’m not going to download it. (And I’m sure as hell not going to pay for it.)

In being judicious about what I download, I probably miss a lot of entertaining, useful, or quality apps. But man, let me tell you: I have found maybe the best app in the world.

Taking Pictures with Dinosaurs.

Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You have four dinosaur options, and each dinosaur has five poses. You can buy add-on dinosaur packages, if you want the velociraptor or the anklyosaurus. The most challenging (and sometimes entertaining) part is sizing and positioning the dinosaur. It’s a blast.

My favorite photo-taking process? Have someone pose for a picture without telling them what’s going on. Just direct them where to look, and maybe on a particular emotion to portray. That’s how I got the following photos – for some truly fantastic results.

The only complaint I have is that the dinosaur is embedded in the photo-taking process – there is no option to add a dinosaur to a picture you already have, or to get the base picture from a dino-picture you’ve taken. Regardless, I recommend downloading this app immediately.

Some favorites:

PS — this is the beginning of a new installment: favorite things, every Friday. apps, hair styles, books, make up, etc. I really just plan on sharing things that are fun and entertaining in my life, in hopes that you find something you might also find fantastic.


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