in other news, I (probably) lost my wallet

Weekly / Daily Goals

1. I have run once this week (so slowly…), and will run a second time tomorrow or Friday. 2. I completed the assessment and am in level two of tier one. I will start the actual challenge on Friday.
3. I have been falling asleep on the bus rather than reading.
4. I have spent too much money at Restaurants, but am stopping…now.
5. Success! Blogging on schedule (if late at night).

One Time Goals

1. I have not yet emailed professors — mostly due to the extreme discouragement I experienced, as explained in the last post. I have a better game plan now, I think, so we’re on track to email two people this weekend.
2. No need to pack yet.
3. Both forwards and backwards movement here — I have downsized things I already owned, but collected (useful?!) things from Shoe, who is leaving the country and expunging her life. The collected things include a dresser, wine glasses, utensils, storage units, and tupperware with locking lids. Oddly, I am most excited about the tupperware.

Other News

For all other news of interest, see the title. I’m not terribly upset — yes, there was cash, and yes, I will have to replace all my cards (the driver’s license is the biggest hassle) — but there’s nothing I can do about it now except move on. I will be searching my car one last time in the morning, and then moving on (and before you ask, there have been no charges to my cards — yet).

I am vaguely upset about losing three things: 1) some mementos (two photobooth photos, one card from a good friend) I keep next to my money so I can look at them when I’m happy / sad / nostalgic, 2) the actual wallet, which was adorable and the most useful wallet I’ve ever had, and 3) the earrings which were, for whatever reason, stored with my change.


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