best new lip product: Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm


I love Revlon’s new lip product, even if its name is a mouthful to say: “Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.” Regardless, this is the lip stain which doesn’t dry out your lips and which lasts a reasonable amount of time. Great for people who don’t normally wear makeup, or for makeup lovers who need something easy and casual to keep in their purse in case of emergency.

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The Reason I Tried It:

I know that it doesn’t look like much. In fact, I thought it looked like the kind of makeup you pass over because it’s cheap, poorly made, and for gullible little girls who are fooled by pretty packaging and a huge picture of the beautiful Emma Stone. Who doesn’t want to look like Emma Stone? However, my friend Emma (also gorgeous, though not to be confused with Ms. Stone) gave me one to try in a deep red color called Adore (055) – and holy cow, it’s amazing.

The Product:

“Just Bitten Kissable” Balm Stains are a cross between a lip balm and a lip stain. This means (1) the balm does not dry out your lips like your average lip stain (including the Lipstain + Balm), and (2) the color stays long after the balm has worn away.

For the record, this product is not to be confused with “Just Bitten” Lipstain + Balm, which requires the separate application of the stain and then the balm, rather than together. In fact, the Lipstain + Balm version is terrible about drying your lips out. Just saying.

The best part is that the product is shaped like a giant crayon, which is incredibly natural to put on. The actual lip balm is very smooth, and it rolls between your lips quite easily. Very agreeable, as far as drug store lip products go!

My two favorite colors are Charm (035), a light peachy pink color which is great for daytime wear, and Adore (055), a deeper red color which is just a little dressy without going overboard.

The Cons:

I don’t like the name. It’s a mouthful to say. That’s about it. Plus, it’s easy to confuse with Revlon’s similar and less awesome product. And like I said, it looks like the cheap makeup you pass over because it doesn’t actually work — but you know what? It works, and it’s awesome.

The Reason You Should Buy It:

If you love makeup, this product is fantastic because it’s more casual and easier to apply than lipstick. It only comes in a few colors, but there are a couple good basics and a couple fun pops of color. I have two colors in my purse at all times – after all, they’re affordable (about $8), and they make for a great, simple product to keep in your purse for times of need (impromptu meeting, the sudden appearance of a cute boy, etc.).

On the other hand, if you’re not a huge makeup guru, this lip product is great – it’s affordable, it’s easy to apply (did I mention it’s a giant crayon?), and it comes in good, basic colors depending on what you need. This is great to add to your small, under-used makeup bag as that one lip product which you might actually use.

Go. Buy one now. You won’t regret it.


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