goals update #2

Weekly / Daily Goals

1. Run 2x/week — 1.67 mi on Aug 8 at 9:51 min/mi, and 1.5 mi on Aug 12 at 8:53 min/mi. Huge difference in time I think is in large part due to how I was feeling that day, as well as the temperature outside and time of day. It was significantly hotter on Aug 8th. I haven’t yet been running this week, but I plan on going tomorrow and Saturday.
2. 100 pushup challenge — I have done the assessment, putting me in the second tier with seven good form pushups. At least, I hope they were good form. I was supposed to start the challenge yesterday, but it’s been a rough week. As such, I will start tomorrow.
3. Read 20mins/day — I’ve been slacking on this. I could make excuses about a lack of sleep and stress, but they’re all still excuses. The end.
4. Minimize $$ at Restaurants — I was really bad the first week, but I have sharply dropped off my spending this week with a total of less than $15 at restaurants. Win.
5. Blog on schedule — well, this post should have been written last night. But other than that, I’m doing well! (On the note of my blog, it’s gotten a lot of traffic recently due to being posted on Jerry Almonte’s facebook page — so hello, all of you dancers. I love you, and I’m glad you’ve found something you find interesting to read, but you might have noticed this isn’t a dance-focused blog. Enjoy looking around as long as you like!)

One Time Goals

1. Email professors — I have emailed them, but I have received no reply. Also, I have had a stressful few days when it comes to graduate school applications — so a lot of things might be changing soon. Trying to sort it all out.
2. Pack and clean apartment — the stress has actually helped on this front! I’ve spent a good amount of time packing, selling miscellaneous items on Emory Classifieds, and cleaning up a bit.
3. Downsize life — I have been picking things which I don’t need and selling them on Emory Classifieds. This has been successful (yay money!), but I may have been a little overenthusiastic — I already sold my stovetop burner and microwave, so my partial kitchen has been reduced to nearly no kitchen (I have a mini-fridge and a convection oven left!). I also have a clothes swap coming up on September 2nd (perfect timing), so I’m excited about cleaning out my closet!
Miscellaneous Notes:

1. Congratulations to Beth, who has a job! Like, a real one! I am jealous, but also super excited for her.
2. I may actually be attending ILHC! I did not think I would be able to go, but some things might be working out. We’ll see!
3. When I say this week has been stressful, I mean there have been a lot of tears and anger and frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed. There’s a lot of advice being thrown at me, and very little “I totally have faith in your ability to do this.” As such, I have attached pictures of kitties.

This is how I feel:

kittie, kitten, cat, beat my head against a wall, frustrated, overwhelmedI could use some of this:

I would love a kitty. Just to give me some occasional loving. Please?


2 thoughts on “goals update #2

  1. ILHC. Yes.

    Which reminds me . . . Bobby, Rebecca, and I are going to host a blogger type happy hour thing sometime that weekend. A bunch of internet stalkers getting together and exchanging trade secrets over drinks. I’ll post a FB invte for that once we get it together.

    btw, if you don’t want people to read the blog, stop saying interesting things. :)

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