update on goals (also, I leave for ILHC in the morning!)

Wednesday updates on monthly goals. It’s a better week than last week, but that doesn’t mean I got more done.

Weekly / Daily Goals

1. Running – I did not run two times last week. I became exceedingly stressed (tears on a regular basis), and then I began to get sick (brought on by the excessive stress). However, I have run once already this week, and I plan on running again when I get to DC.
2. 100 Push Up Challenge – No progress. It hasn’t been on my mind, also due to stress. I will get on this when I’m back from DC.
3. Read 20 mins/day – I’m good most days. Some days I fall asleep on the bus, but I’m still making the effort!
4. Minimize spending at restaurants – good progress. I’ve only eaten out only twice in the last week and a half, and one of those meals was under $4. Win.
 5. Blog on Schedule — I missed one day last week entirely, and I was a little off on another post. Otherwise, great!

One Time Goals

1. Grad School – A bit of a refocus from what the goal started as. I had a really good meeting with a Career Counselor for Emory this week, and I’ve made a lot of progress on what I will be going to school for and how I need to go about contacting professors. I feel much more in control and competent, which is really what I needed.
2. Pack and clean apartment – A good amount of my stuff is packed and cleaned far before it needs to be. I need more boxes. I can’t pack everything, but I am working on packing as much as possible!
3. Downsize life – I made some tough decisions today when it came to clothing — I was hanging all my clean laundry, and I went through everything that didn’t end up in this last go-round of wash and decided whether I really needed it. I now have empty hangers. EMPTY HANGERS, PEOPLE. Also, I’ve now sold a bedside table, my microwave, and a hot plate. One papasan chair, a bunch of school supplies, a violin, and a convection oven, and an electrical heater to go.

A lot has been going on, and while some goals have suffered, I feel like this week is on a serious and definite up trend. Plans for the weekend: ILHC (BOOM! I leave in the morning and I am so excited!), running with Beth (another BOOM!), lots of reading, working on typing a manuscript for a friend, and miscellaneous work. Next week: grad school stuff, job hunting, running, and MOVING. I’m busy, but I’m excited!

Using my new suit case for the trip! Thanks Mom & Dad for the birthday present! It even fits all my shoes! (And trust me — I’m bringing three pairs, including a pair of running shoes…and I might add my heels!)  


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