goals update (post-ILHC and back on schedule)

Weekly/Daily Goals

1. Running – Hah! I did get one run in last week, and another in today, but there was no running at ILHC. Big surprise? I think not.
2. 100 Push Up Challenge – Started! Week one, column two.
3. Read 20 mins/day – Happens most days, but certainly not every day. Busy schedule lately with ILHC and moving.
4. Minimize spending at restaurants – I only spent money at a restaurant once at ILHC! BOOM!
5. Blog on Schedule – Did anyone expect me to update during ILHC? Despite my best intentions? No? Good.

One Time Goals

1. Grad School – Working on it.
2. Pack and clean apartment – Boom. Working on it for serious. It doesn’t feel like I’m packed and ready to go yet, but I’ve made some serious progress. Moving on Saturday, I think!
3. Downsize life – As I’m packing, I’m throwing away, giving away, and selling. Anyone want a convection oven?

There will be a (long) post on ILHC on Friday, and probably a second post on Sunday. Most incredible experience…maybe ever.


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