august recap / september goals


You can go back and look up what the goals were for last week.

Weekly / Daily Goals:

I only ran four times for a total of 6.87 miles. Between a short stint of shin splints (try saying that five times fast), ILHC, and moving, I can see why I didn’t get a lot of running done. I’m disappointed in myself, so I plan on making up for it this month.

Aside from that, I did relatively well in my other weekly challenges: I read a healthy amount on a regular basis, I really worked on avoiding restaurants, and I blogged mostly on schedule (aside from the weekend of ILHC, of course).

One Time Goals:

I am working on Grad School like you would not believe. The last week was a little rough with moving, but other than that, I have a clear plan and a better idea of what I want to study. I’m feeling much better about the next step, especially compared to a month ago.


Weekly / Daily Goals:

 1. Cooking – cook at least two “real” meals per week. This means nothing premade or out of a box. These meals will probably be Tuesday and Sunday.
2. Running – as much as I can. If I’m happy with myself, then I’ve done it right.
3. Hundred Pushup Challenge – Rock it out.
4. Blog on Schedule – Do it.
5. Practice like a Rock Star – Put in serious practice for Jubilee Jazz Dance Performance twice a week outside of rehearsals. I want to give it my all.

Overall Goals:

1. Grad School –This is the month to talk, explore, and figure out where I want to go.
2. Job Hunt – The temp job at the Emory Library might be winding down, so I have to buckle down and look elsewhere. I mean, I’ve been looking. But now there’s a bit more pressure.
3. Jubilee Jazz Dance Performance – I will be performing in the Chorus Line and the Fan Dance. I am so excited!


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