i’ve decorated! (and I feel at home)

Last weekend, I moved — it was only a couple miles away, but it involved packing everything, unpacking everything, and adjusting to a new space. I won’t lie — I dislike moving; I’ve moved a minimum of twice a year for the past six years. It’s annoying, labor-intensive, and often stressful.

But I am so happy I’ve made this move.

  • I have a kitchen. A fully-functioning, full-sized kitchen, with a refrigerator and a stove and everything. My last kitchen was more of a hodgepodge of counter-top appliances. Effective, but not efficient. And now I have a real one. For real food.
  • I have a TV. I haven’t had access to TV since I went to college. I’m not even sure how to work it…
  • There are dogs. Really friendly, really adorable dogs. Need I say more?
  • My roommates are fantastic. Young professionals, all responsible, all interesting, and all nice. I’ve never known any of them before, but they’re great.

I know I’ve been there only a week as of today, but I already feel more at home in this space than I have in any dorm, house, or apartment in which I’ve lived before. I think there are some key things to consider in this feeling.

First, the house is large and fully furnished, with multiple sitting areas which are easily accessible and comfortable. Second, did I mention I have a kitchen? And third: I’ve decorated. This is, in fact, the most I’ve ever decorated a room I’ve moved into (and so quickly!), which greatly aids how at home I feel. My space is clean, organized, and colorful. I’m really able to relax, and I’m really proud of how the hodgepodge of things which I own has come together into a comfortable space.

And now, I have pictures!

Obligatory “before” shot. I honestly wasn’t sure everything would fit…

My bed set-up! The headboard is courtesy of my friend Emma — but the fabric didn’t match! I was looking for what I could do, and I realized I didn’t need my shower curtain anymore, and I loved the colors, so I bought a hot glue gun and worked some magic! I had to glue it on corner-to-corner, because the shower curtain wasn’t wide enough to fit — but it all worked great!

Pro tip: hot glue guns are hot.

The futon / sitting area! So many little blankets and quilts! The painting is one which my brother bought for me a year or two ago, and it adds a great pop of color on that wall so it doesn’t feel so big and lonely…

My vanity set-up! The bathroom is too small to comfortably use for makeup and hair, so I took a dresser which I acquired from Shoe, who was moving out of the country, and worked some magic! The necklaces are hung up on a tension rod (supported by tacks, since it kept falling down); the hooks are actually open-ended hooks which I had leftover from the shower curtain. I love reusing materials! So cheap!

My closet and bookshelf! Everything is so organized and neat! I love the flowers hooked into the wire of the bookshelf doors, and the scarfs hanging over the edge of the closet door. It adds a little bit of color and fun. I really want to refinish that bookshelf…it would look so good as a dark brown!

For the record, all of the pictures and mirrors are (mostly) straight — I hung them all myself, using my phone as a level! I felt so adult, and that makes me giggle. It was fun, and I’m glad I had the initiative and willpower to get it all done!

Things I would add if (when!) I have the time / money:

  • Curtains. Preferably neutral ones in an earthy tone.
  • I will eventually change the fabric drawers in the dresser / vanity to turquoise or bright blue, I think. It would be so pretty!
  • I would sand and refinish that bookshelf. Again — it would look so pretty dark brown! Maybe with white shelves?
  • More art. Not pictured are my 1940’s black and white print (I’ll try to get a picture of it soon) and a frame of some photos of my family, but I would really love some more art! Especially black and white, vintage, sepia, nature-oriented, abstract of some sort…really, whatever catches my attention. I’m going to keep an eye out, but if you have any suggestions for cheap artwork, let me know!


So there you have it! The decorating is with whatever I had at hand, so it’s a bit eclectic — but it’s colorful, it’s comfortable, and it’s all mine. I feel very at home in this space, and that’s more than I can ever say about the place I lived for the last year!




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