goals update: 9/12

Weekly / Daily Goals

1. Cooking – I have been so good! I’ve been eating a lot of pasta, which I’m trying to get away from, but I always use the pasta made of vegetables to make it healthier. Today, I even made enough so that I can bring the leftovers as lunch, rather than a PB&J.

2. Running – I have been running twice; once last week, and once this week. However, I have also hiked Stone Mountain, which I think should count at least as good exercise, even if it wasn’t a run.

Note: Running in the dark on a nature path? Not a good idea.

3. Hundred Pushup Challenge – I suck at this. I keep getting side-tracked and not holding myself accountable. Suggestions are appreciated. Motivational texts, messages, and emails are welcome.

4. Blog on Schedule – I had an emotionally challenged weekend, and I failed to update on Sunday. I didn’t know what to say, because the only thing on my mind was inappropriate for such a public forum. I’m good now, though, and back on track! I even wrote this post last night!

5. Practice Like a Rockstar – Every spare moment, I am going through choreography in my head. Also, sometimes dancing in the Library, which has earned me a few sideways glances. I’m also trying to adjust how I act in rehearsals — there’s asking productive questions, and there’s fretting over something I can work out on my own time. I’m trying to accept criticism with fewer excuses and more responses along the lines of “Thanks, I’ll work on that.”

Overall Goals:

1. Grad School – I am putting in a concerted effort to determine where I want to go by the end of the month. I have almost finished an initial evaluation of all the schools I’m interested in. From there, I will call advisers and professors in hopes to make a personal connection and see how my interests will fit in. I want to visit my top schools, if I can, sometime in October. Soon I will have to find some references (I think I have two — but who for the third?!).

2. Job Hunt – I have been focusing on Grad School, which might be counter-productive; after all, my need for a job might be surfacing much sooner. I’m going to get on this.

3. Jubilee Jazz Dance Performance – less than two weeks away! I’m both excited and nervous, of course — mostly, I’m just working on my choreographies! I did get to practice a bit of showmanship last Monday in a jam circle — any chance I get, right?


Some cool things worth mentioning:

I have been able to keep my room actually clean for the last week and a half! While I am an organized person, I am far from clean, and I have a habit of leaving things around to be picked up whenever. Not so with this room! It’s so nice and neat that I want to keep it that way!

I’ve also been managing to keep to a really nice morning routine! I am traditionally someone who sleeps as long as possible and then rushes out the door only sometimes on time, which means I regularly end up being ten minutes late. This past week and a half has been different — in fact, I’ve felt almost relaxed in the mornings, because my routine is so nice! It’s been an appreciated change.

Things I am trying to plan or keep in mind:

– visit Six Flags with friends before the season closes (and hopefully when traffic is low!)
– work on Solo movement — lots of dancing to lots of live music!
– continue being thoughtful about what I post on this blog
– figure out my plans to refashion an awesome little side table

It’s been a tumultuous week, but I think I’ve landed right side up, and I think this month is going to be hella productive — especially if I can figure out how to motivate myself to do pushups!


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