on my love for my new hair color

I do not know why I didn’t dye my hair this color years ago. I feel so much more natural with this dark brown hair than I ever have before; it’s surreal, actually, how comfortable I am with such a marked change.

In particular, I love how it changes what I’m able to wear: I can wear yellow without being washed out, and I can wear bright pink lipstick without fear of looking like a clown. And red lipstick? I can’t even tell you how sexy it is. This hair looks so natural with my skin tone, and I absolutely love it.

Also, pro-tip: if your hair is light and you’re thinking about going darker, you can use eye shadow to make the color of your eyebrows closer to your new hair color. It makes everything look more natural, and it’s a really easy, really cheap fix.

In short: if you need a hair stylist in Atlanta, look at Vivid Hair Salon; Grace was my stylist, and she was both skilled and affordable. Also, if you tell them I recommended you, we both get a $20 off coupon!


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