goals update – better late than never!

I know I was supposed to update this last night, but I completely spaced. Seeing as I spaced last week, as well, I figured I’d better make up for lost time.

Weekly / Daily Goals

1. Cooking – I have been pretty good at this, excluding the Jubilee Jazz Revival, which is totally understandable. I’m still trying to get away from pasta…but it’s so easy!

2. Running – I went on a fantastic, long, hilly run the other day…but I almost got lost, and I definitely would have appreciated a few more sidewalks. I need to find a better place to run, but at least I’m doing it when I can! Who wants to run with me at KLX?

3. Hundred Pushup Challenge – I am finally making some progress on this! I have completed two weeks of the challenge, and I maxed out last night at 18 pushups, which is three times the number I started the program with. It really helps to have friends doing this with me to motivate me.

4. Blog on Schedule – I’ve been doing okay at this – certainly better than I ever have in the past! Some days, though, it’s just hard to remember.

5. Practice Like a Rock Star – Jubilee Jazz Revival has passed, and the practicing has come to an end, but I’m pretty proud of all the work I put into the pieces for the show. I definitely could have used more time to practice one section in the fan dance piece, but it just didn’t happen. I am trying to be more professional about performances every time I participate, and I think this was a mostly good year, despite the near panic-attack I had the day of when I couldn’t figure out how to do the fan circle…

Overall Goals

1. Grad School – I am making some good progress here, but I am running into a new challenge: no one is emailing me back! Pretty soon, I am going to resort to researching a professor’s office hours and surprising them with a phone call. Right now, I need to work on my statement of purpose; I’m hoping to have at least the first draft by the middle of October.

2. Job Hunt – This is still on hold for Grad School. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my temp job through the end of winter; after that, Grad School apps will be in, and I can focus on being gainfully employed in a steady, non-temporary job.

3. Jubilee Jazz Performance – Like I said, it went really well this year! I worked more on the Chorus Line piece, and I learned the Fan Dance routine; I learned a lot more about professionalism (a bit of it through making mistakes), and I learned a lot about working on choreography. It was a good experience.


My room is still (mostly) clean! I need to pick it up a little after the Jubilee Jazz Revival, but otherwise, it’s looking good! My morning routine, though, has slipped just a little bit; I’m still getting to work on time more often than not, but I’m trying to squeeze out every ounce of sleep that I can.

That’s about it for now. All suggestions for new goals for October are welcome!


One thought on “goals update – better late than never!

  1. Don’t worry about office hours. Call any reasonable time (9-5) and leave a message if they don’t answer. Half my professors don’t keep office hours anymore and just tell us to email and set up an appointment. (Most of my professors respond better to phone calls than emails as well)

    Don’t take it personally over professors not emailing you back – the absent-minded professor is a stereotype for a reason, and even if someone never contacts you back, they might look at your application and say, hey, this name sounds familiar.

    Much love!

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