as promised for the most awesome Tranky Doo class ever

The best video to follow along and review the steps with:

We got until about 1:34 in this class — and don’t worry, we’ll go over that last sequence just a little bit more, since we only covered it quickly in class.

The four most common songs for Tranky Doo Performances:

  • “Jump Session” by Slim and Slam (the slowest of the songs, and thus the song we’ve been using)
  • “Chant of the Groove” by Fats Waller (probably the song the Tranky Doo was choreographed to, though it is unclear)
  • “Dipsy Doodle” by Ella Fitzgerald (the song used in the Spirit Moves)
  • “Tia Juana” by Bud Freeman (I have no trivia about this one)

And finally, another plug for The Most Awesome Spreadsheet Ever (for learning the Tranky Doo, at least!). Also known as the spreadsheet where I geeked out over the intersection between the Tranky Doo and Excel for a couple hours.

You guys did really great tonight, and I can’t wait for next week!


4 thoughts on “as promised for the most awesome Tranky Doo class ever

  1. The Bud Freeman “Tia Juana” track can also be found as Eddie Condon’s “Tijuana” (different spelling) on the Classic Sessions 1927-49 (Volume 3) CD. It became my current Tranky Doo favorite after seeing Philly/Baltimore perform the Tranky Doo to it at Lindy Focus X.

    • Thanks! That performance is one of the reasons I decided I wasn’t going to go another year without learning the Tranky Doo! I’ll have to make sure I dance to it soon – I’m not sure I ever have.

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