in with the new

I am excited about this year. I’m looking forward to some big changes: I will (hopefully) move out of the South. I will (hopefully) attend Grad School, but even if I don’t, I will (definitely) leave my position at the Library. I am looking forward to these major life changes.

There are some smaller and theoretically more manageable changes coming this year, too. I plan on learning more about what I like to eat and becoming capable of cooking said dishes (more on this in another post). I also plan on getting back into running, which had been put on hold due to a foot injury. I will re-start the hundred pushup challenge, and I will not stop until I can complete 50 consecutive push-ups.

I am also making some changes in how I approach dancing, learning to dance, and blogging about dancing. The most notable change for anyone who reads this blog is that I will have a blog dedicated to dance, rather than splitting the focus of this blog between myself (let’s be honest — I like talking about myself) and various dancing thoughts (which is what most people who look at this blog are hoping I’ll write about in the first place).

I have decided to share my goals for the New Year on this blog. You might roll your eyes (“Sure. Another list of New Year’s resolutions. Great.”), but you should know that I actually completed the majority of my goals from last year. I believe some of the personal success I experienced last year was due to this blog, and a whole lot more of that success was due to the support and encouragement of my friends and family.

So thank you for your continued support. Because this year is going to be awesome.


So Important they Deserve their Own Category

1. Move out of Georgia.
2. Be awesome at Graduate school (assuming I am accepted). If I am not accepted, be more awesome and re-apply.


1. Read more books than I read in 2012 (at least 23). Try to maintain consistency in a reading schedule (meaning, try to fall asleep less often on the bus).
2. Complete at least 5 craft projects this year, and share these accomplishments. I want at least one craft project to involve sewing!
3. Learn to appreciate the good in others, rather than focusing on their flaws. In particular, I would like to learn to not compare myself to others in a way which is detrimental to either myself, the other person, or both.
4. Create two blogs with specific purposes: one for myself, my goals, my accomplishments, my successes, and my failures. The other for dancing, so that dancers do not have to wade through miscellaneous posts about lipstick and grad school.*
5. Maintain a Daily Memories Journal, as I did in 2012.


1. Learn to Cook. Specifically, I have two cookbooks to buy: “I’m Just Here for the Food” b Alton Brown, and a basic “Four Ingredient” cookbook, which is fairly popular. I’ll have to look through them and see what I like. As I find recipes I enjoy, start a personal recipe collection.
2. Begin running again (slowly). Work up to a 5k, keeping in mind my injured foot and a tendency to get shin splints.
3. Use the “sworkit” app on my iPhone to exercise.
4. Begin the hundred pushup challenge again, and go as far as I can. Preferably to 100 pushups, of course, but I am aiming for a minimum of 50.
5. Stop drinking coke entirely.
6. Improve my posture.**


1. Continue to use Toshl to track all my finances.
2. Teach dance (beginner’s lessons, Tranky Doo lessons, private lessons, whatever) to raise money; use this money specifically for dance purposes.
3. Resist the trap of over-consumption. Don’t buy anything, and sell unnecessary things, especially as I prepare to move.


1. Become more involved in the organizational side of exchanges and workshops.
2. Learn the Hat Trick Shim Sham and Tranky Doo. Learn the Jive.
3. Choreograph one solo-jazz piece, focusing on musicality and clean transitions.
4. Focus on some core basics in swing dancing: posture, pulse, and a clean and consistent connection. When I say connection, I don’t just mean that I cleanly follow the move a lead is leading, but that I’m also interacting with him as a dancer, rather than being in my own world.
5. Make more eye contact when I dance. Practice keeping my head up, especially in solo and when doing variations.
6. Continue to improve as a lead. Dance at least a few dances every night as a lead. Look for feedback on how to clearly lead moves.


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