the hundred push-up challenge: team awesome

I am re-starting the Hundred Push-Up Challenge. Last time, I did it for a little over two months and went from 6 push-ups (barely) to 28 (solid). Now that the stress of applying to Grad School is gone and I have refocused on my goals this year, I am excited to re-start this challenge.

The last time I attempted the Push-Up Challenge, I had two friends who were trying with me. This time, though, we have expressed interest in attempting the challenge! In fact, the number of people who are participating has grown far larger than it is possible to tag in a single status, so we’ve created a little facebook group for general encouragement and

Some have already taken their exhaustion test, and others have started the first day of the first week. It’s interesting to see people I don’t even know gather together and help push each other to the next level of personal fitness.

My exhaustion test was 21 push-ups. Today, I completed the first day of week one of column three, which – and I’m really excited to have an awesome group of people to do this with!

Anyone who would like to join us in this challenge should let me know! I plan on buying a drink for anyone who reaches 100 consecutive push-ups with me!


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