floweruary, BLIP, and trying new hair styles!

Much like No-Shave-November, the month of February is host to a charitable awareness movement known as Floweruary, where guys and gals spend some time raising awareness and money to benefit a charity — with feminine flair.This year’s beneficiary is BLIP: Bringing Swing to Panama City and the Disabled. There are 11 more days to help this kickstarter, and if you have any interest in helping the disabled dance — well, you get the idea. Donate!

Sadly, while I love flowers, I have trouble convincing myself to wear one every single day. In exchange, I will be working to push myself to use hair styles I normally find too difficult or too outside my personal comfort zone of style. I have pinned a whole bunch of inspiring, beautiful, and difficult hair styles to pinterest. A bunch of the styles I have found inspiring are from The Beauty Department, which every girl should check out. It has absolutely the best hair tutorials I have come across. It’s also full of great beauty advice and adorable ideas.

The first two hair styles I did have gone great. The first hair style I tried was the twist-and-flip bun. I had tried this once with shorter hair, and it didn’t work very well; I am so happy it worked this time! I wore it to an art showing, and then out to a swing dance. It weathered the dancing particularly well! Sadly, I do not have any particularly great photos of that night.

The second I tried was a twisted chingon. The difficult part of this hair style was — gasp — no tutorial! However, it turned out so much better than I expected!

Tips for this look:

  • Tease. A lot. At least twice as much as you think you’ll need.
  • If you have layers, short hairs underneath, or bangs, a curling iron is your friend. I curled my bangs so that they would stay all night, without pinning or my constant frustration.
  • I did this on dirty hair (I didn’t wash it this morning), so dry shampoo was my friend for both volume and de-shiny-fying my roots.

And now the best part. Pictures!

  frontsidebackOver the past two years, I have learned an incredible amount about styling my hair, and it’s been an eye-opening experience. This month, I hope to push that further!



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