california, here I come

If you know me in “real life” or if you’ve been paying the remotest amount of attention to Facebook, then you know that in a few short days, I will be moving to California.

To answer a few of the most basic questions: Yes, I am excited. I will be moving to Angels Camp, which is a very small town in Eastern Central California, a couple hours almost directly inland from San Francisco. I will be working for the whitewater rafting company called OARS, where I will be part of the reservations team and marketing department – in the most exciting development, I’m going to actually get paid to blog for them.

Once my seasonal position at OARS is complete, I will hopefully be attending Graduate School, location TBD. If Grad School does not happen this year, for whatever reason (cost, rejection, meteors), then I will be taking some supplemental classes, volunteering for the nearest Environmental organization I can find, and working full-time so as to not die under a mountain of high-cost living.

Also on the FAQ list:

  • Yes, I will be able to go on all the outdoor adventure and rafting trips I want. You are welcome to be jealous, but you’re also welcome to come visit, and I’ll see what I can do.
  • There is not a lot of dancing where I’m going – but I have a plan! More on that in the next couple of weeks over at the Lindy Affair.
  • Packing sucks. I’m trying to sell everything. Would you like to buy a bed stand for $10? It has a lamp attached!
  • I am driving out. First I will drive to NOLA, where I will stay with the lovely Kerry. Then I will drive to Houston, where I am working for the stellar event known as Lindy Fest, which is hosting the Lone Star Championships this year. From there, I will be proceeding to San Francisco – anyone have a place for me to stay between Texas and California?
  • I do not know the exact location where I will be living yet, though I am having a couple conversations with potential roommates and landlords. I will let you know when I know, and you are all welcome to send me “WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME” cards and care packages.

The most difficult thing I find, at the moment, is saying goodbye to all the amazing friends I have here in Atlanta. At Hot Jam, I was blessed to be individually approached by three newer members in our dance community and told of the impact I made in their dance. One lead told me, “Dancing with you makes me a better dancer.” I nearly cried. The bottom line is that I have taught a bunch of beginner’s classes at Hot Jam, and I’ve really enjoyed contributing to the Atlanta community; I will miss it. I’ve also worked hard as a volunteer and formed some pretty spectacular friendships with some pretty amazing people.

My official going away party will be Sunday the 10th, and if anyone needs the location or time, please let me know! In that vein, my last day in Atlanta is Monday the 11th, where I will be attending Hot Jam for the last time as a regular. I hope that everyone comes out – because honestly, you guys have made me into a better person.

I am sad to leave the community which has taught me to dance and supported me through life over the last few years. However, I am beyond excited to start the next phase of my life – one which will be full of learning, new friends, and adventure. Such great adventure.

California is soon to be my new home. So here’s some Joni Mitchell for you, ‘cause it’s on my playlist on my phone, and it makes me excited every time I hear it.


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