home sweet california home

As of today, I am officially a California Resident:

  • I have a California driver’s License
  • I am registered to vote
  • My car is registered
  • I have a PO Box in Vallecito, CA
  • And finally, I paid an obscene amount of money to the Great State for the above.

Considering the fact that all of this was accomplished before 11am, I feel pretty accomplished. Also, I feel poor (and here I was, lounging on the cushion of money I didn’t have to use in the move out here – ha!).

So, what’s next?

Well, I need to fix up the Castle. At least, that’s what I’m calling the double-wide trailer I now call home. Here is a short list of the things which need to be done:

  • Kill all the spiders. And then kill the spiders which invade the territory of the spiders I killed. And so forth. I do a sweep about once a week.
  • Dust, vacuum, scrub, and sweep everything. Priorities are the kitchen, my bedroom, my bathroom, and the living room.
  • Fix the electricity. Currently, it doesn’t service the main part of my bedroom, any of the second bedroom, the second bathroom, or the living room.
  • Weed the surroundings of the cabin, and mow the back yard for the Kramers.
  • Fix the hole in the wall under the dining room window. And by “hole in the wall,” I mean the massive hole where a raccoon escaped when he got stuck in the house.
  • Take all the miscellaneous belongings from past residents and sort them into three piles: Keep for Personal Use, Send to the Dumpster (or Goodwill, in some cases), and Kramer Keepsakes to be stored.

For a brief window into the world of the Castle, a few pictures of the closet which I cleaned out this past weekend.

Before and After pictures. See if you can find the following items: 1 monitor from when monitors weighed about 50lbs; a fax machine from when everyone had a fax machine; one lamp with four lampshades.

Not pictured: one half-used barrel of roofing tar; and finally, one massive box of used Christmas wrapping paper which hasn’t been touched since the mid-90s (all folded neatly and waiting to be reused), millions of spiders, loads of dust, and mouse droppings.

But hey. Look at that view.

Prettiest. Place. Ever.