Completed Challenges

Self-improvement is definitely one of those things I never thought I’d get into for myself, but it’s also one of those phases that I think almost everyone goes through. And right now, that’s where I am.

Here, I will provide a full list of challenges I have completed as Seven Day Challenges and Additional Challenges. I no longer structure my personal challenges this way, but it worked pretty well at the time, and I might return to this structure one day.

Completed Seven Day Challenges

Completed Challenges

  • Finish and gussy-up my resume (11 September 2010) — there’s a word version available as well, which does look a bit nicer … I’m thinking about gussying-up the online version a little more as well; modified 28 July 2011!
  • Bake Goods for Friends as a Thank-you! (17 December 2010)
  • Run a 5k (15 May 2011 — Warrior Dash)
  • Consolidate Student Loans
  • Compete in dancing 4 times in 2011

Failed Seven Day Challenges (to be revisited)

  • Clean Every Day (Attempt 1 and Attempt 2) — update: now retired due to being a cursed challenge
  • Ab Workout Extraordinaire (Attempt 1 failed 7 Feb 2011)
  • Reading half an hour a day, five days a week (Attempt 1 failed 8 March 2011 — success 3/18!)
  • Run seven miles in a week (Attempt 1 on 18 March 2011)